Digital Memory Box

Digital Memory Box is a family run business working from the beautiful county of Warwickshire. We are passionate about providing a service which allows our customers to preserve and share their precious memories. 

Debra Bassett is a researcher with an expertise in digital memories and messages. Her PhD research forms the foundations for our company and has created a deep understanding of the importance of the preservation of precious home videos. Tape recordings of weddings, birthdays, holidays etc chronicle the lives of family and friends both past and present.  

However, technology changes at such a dramatic rate and many of these tapes may sit in dusty boxes and need obsolete machinery to enable use to once again sit and enjoy them.

Digitising these memories not only enables us to view them, it protects them for future generations. By converting to USB, DVD or uploaded into a Dropbox you can share with others – wherever they may be in the world - to ensure they are backed up and do not deteriorate over the years.

Our technical manager Lewis and his team clean your tapes before they get processed and digitised in the studio.  If our team need to chat through any issues which we find with your items we will give you a call – we understand how precious these tapes are to you!